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Need to know how to normalize database tables?
Check out this Microsoft Knowledge Base article


Common Functions used in Access

Insert current date -

To insert the current date into a field, use the CTRL-; (Control + semicolon) key.

Insert previous value -

To insert the value from the previous record (same value, same field) use the CTRL-' (Control + single quote) key.

Open to a Specific Form -

To have a specific form show when you open a database, go to File tab, Options, Current Database, and choose the form from the Display Form dropdown list. You can also hide the database objects window by deselecting the Display Navigation Pane. To open your database and see the objects, just hold your shift key when opening the database file.


Finding Criteria using Wildcards
* Matches zero or more characters. It can be used as the first or last character in the character string.wh* finds wh, what, white, and why
?Matches any single alphabetic character. b?ll finds ball, bell, and bill
[ ] Matches any single character within the brackets. b[ae]ll finds ball and bell but not bill
! Matches any character not in the brackets. b[!ae]ll finds bill and bull but not ball or bell
- Matches any one of a range of characters. You must specify the range in ascending order (A to Z, not Z to A). b[a-c]d finds bad, bbd, and bcd
# Matches any single numeric character. 1#3 finds 103, 113, and 123