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Most messages in Windows occur because your computer is full of unnecessary "junk" files. And itís not your fault that these files accumulate on your hard drive. You see, Windows doesnít do a good job of cleaning up after itself. When you open a file, surf the Internet, check your email, or do almost anything else on your computer, there are temporary files created on your hard drive. These may be necessary while youíre using a particular program, but, when the task is finished, they become junk files ó clogging up your free space and sometimes causing those annoying error messages. Removing them is not as simple as many believe. We can clean up your hard drive and remove these nasty space hogs, giving you more free space and improving your computerís performance.

Another area that could be a cause for these errors is the registry. The registry is a file that works just like a central command unit for Windows. Every piece of software and hardware is listed in the registry. If you make even a simple change to this file, your computer may not work properly ó or may not work at all. We clean up unused entries in your computerís registry, making all programs run much more efficiently.

Finally, fragmentation can create a serious decrease in speed. Most computer users run the Defrag tool included in Windows, thinking this will reduce any fragmented files. However, did you know the defragmentation tool in Windows is not effective in fully reducing fragmented files? Most times, there are many files left untouched by this Windows tool. We will fully defragment your hard drive, including the registry. We even tweak the virtual memory settings, Internet connection, and remove any spy ware programs that send information to a web server.

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