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Software Training, Support, & PC Repair

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Software Support
Software support for Office and QuickBooks
Software Training
Get the training you need
Software Development
Customize your Office program for complete automation
Computer Problems
Find and fix problems with your PC

File Maintenance
Schedule weekly, monthly, or yearly file maintenance on your computer. Reduce or stop annoying error messages, sluggish performance, and crashes.
Wireless Networks
Home and small business wireless networks provide an excellent way to share files, internet connections, and printers - and there are no wires to fish through walls! We'll install and set up your wireless network in just a few hours.
Data Recovery
You think it will never happen, but - your hard drive has just stopped. It doesn't spin, and you haven't backed up your data. There's only one thing you can do - Data Recovery. Call us and ask about this service, offered through DriveSavers. Our reseller ID is 14982.