Allan Bach

Software Training, Support, & PC Repair

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I have always enjoyed helping people. In 1995, I discovered that as more people purchased computers, they were frustrated with the steep learning curve for computer software. Starting with word processing, I spent many hours using the same software that others found so difficult to master.

After investing a lot of time, I began to notice that it was not because software was difficult that people did not understand it - it was because they did not understand it that it was difficult. They needed training.

My first client needed to automate his invoicing for his decorating business. I developed a simple template with some automation, and, since then, I have helped over 150 businesses with training, automation, and troubleshooting software. I have trained over 2,500 people in software applications.

Recently I've added PC repair and tune-ups. Malware, ransomware, and other malicious attacks are becoming more frequent. Keeping your PC up to date with the latest definitions for anti-malware and anti-virus programs is a must.

I still enjoy helping people, and will continue to offer my clients the attention and training they need. I look forward to helping you solve your software problems.