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Microsoft 365 Training and Solutions

Jenny needed to produce a report in Microsoft Word. She had less than one hour before the deadline. Struggling with keeping the information on one page, she tried setting margins, paper size, and other fixes. None of these worked. She finally produced two pages, used a scissors to cut the printed pages, and scanned the result as an Adobe reader document.

Sound familiar?

You may not have the same problem to solve as Jenny, but you probably encountered a similar scenario. How do you solve your problem? Search the web? Look for a colleague and hope they can help? Or are you like Jenny and get creative with a pair of scissors?


One on One Training

Imagine if you had someone who could show you, on your document, the best method of accomplishing your task? You would learn how to use the tools in your application to produce the document you desire - in less time than it takes to search the web. This is the advantage of one on one training.

I will sit next to you as you work on your document, guiding you with the knowledge you need to get the job done.


Group Training

Many times you produce documents using the features with which you are comfortable. You've always done it this way. The result looks good, even though some parts of the document aren't perfect. You rely on others' ideas and, as a group, you share these ideas as to how to create your document.

Think about what would happen if the people in your organization would receive a few hours of training, learning how the various tools of the program work - in less time and with better results.

This is the advantage of Group Training. Everyone discovers the sometimes "not very obvious" tools. Less stress, better documents.

Computer Solutions

Scenario #1

You turn your computer on and it seems to take a bit longer to start. After a few minutes, a blue screen appears with a cryptic message about your computer having a problem. You need to send an email now. You don't have time for this. What do you do?


Scenario #2

Your computer is taking forever to do basic tasks. You've tried the defrag tool, run a virus and malware check , and still do not see any improvement in speed. Suddenly your monitor is filled with a full screen message telling you that your files have been encrypted. You must pay a "ransom" for a code to get your files back. Do you pay the ransom?


Computer Maintenance

Like your car, your computer needs to be maintained. Proper maintenance prevents many problems and keeps you PC running efficiently.

I offer maintenance - usually on a once or twice yearly basis - to keep your computer safe, perform like it was new, and stay up to date.

In addition, I am available (with your permission), to remotely  fix problems, making it unnecessary to schedule a visit. Your PC will run better, give you less problems, and you'll reduce your stress.



Sometimes you have a question about your computer and can't find a suitable answer by doing a web search. And, if you find an answer, can you trust it? No charge for calls not exceeding 5 minutes.

Call or email me and I'll get an answer - one that will work.


Data Recovery Service

  • You just discovered that your hard drive is dead. You cannot start your computer, cannot access your files, and have a hollow feeling in your stomach. All your pictures, music, other files are gone.
  • You dropped your phone or tablet and it will not work. your contacts, pictures, messages, are all gone.
  • You left your Tablet or Phone outside and it got run over by a car.


You need your data. What do you do?


Contact me. Sometimes I can retrieve your data. If not, I will guide you on how to contact DriveSavers.


 DriveSavers - a service that can retrieve data on damaged devices. Click the image at left or call them, toll free, at 1-800-440-1904.  (Use my ID when you call - Allan Bach Reseller ID DS14982). They will guide you through the process of getting your data back.


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